Keiko Coghlin was born in Kobe Japan, and now lives in Atlanta where she is a full time ceramicist.

Keiko's mother taught the Japanese Tea Ceremony and Ikebana. She grew up inspired by the beautiful ceramics that were at the heart of these endowed cultural practices. Exposed to various artistic mediums and approaches as a child, she continues to refine her craft. Her voice as an artist is uniquely elegant while inspired from the ancient art of her cultural heritage.

Driven to create visual pieces that embody a strong presence and make a clear statement, Keiko executes technically challenging forms marked by simplicity, fluidity, and grace. The inclusion and honoring of the element of happenstance acts as a counterpoint to tightly controlled forms, influenced by a love of Japanese ceramic tradition and the clean lines of the mid-century modern movement.

Keiko Coghlin has taught at the Chastain Arts Center, Atlanta, GA and The Bascom, HIghlands, NC. She has demonstrated her techniques in various venues in Atlanta, Georgia.

Keiko's work have been sold in luxury establishments such as Gump's San Francisco.